if you are not tyra banks in person,
alas, i "must" tell you that


unless you first accept the terms of agreement

terms of agreement:

by clicking on "Ladorno moon ... Ladorno no moon" below, YOU AGREE that (1) you are against intellectual property and/or (2) by the act of your clicking on "Ladorno moon ... Ladorno no moon" below, we are now automatically friends, and as such neither of us is committing infringement of intellectual property since based on this agreement i am SHARING my draft/work-in-progress with you, my FRIEND.

if you do NOT agree to (1) and/or (2), due to current (at time of posting) intellectual property laws and interpretations that i do not myself agree with, alas, you are not allowed to click "Ladorno moon ... Ladorno no moon" below.

in plain english. fuck intellectual property. if u simply wanna read my shit, you're my friend.

current draft of cover is from images by raffaele de santis ("dark fairy tale tarot") and luis royo ("the black tarot")
please ck/refresh page(s) for updates. thank you.

Ladorno moon ... Ladorno no moon